Ultralloy Mining

Ulltraloy was originally started specializing in the supply of special welding alloys to South Africa’s large mining industry. Over the years the product offering has expanded to include the following: 

Welding Alloys

In 1980 the Ultralloy range of special welding alloys was launched in the South African market with the aim to offer not only superior welding consumables for maintenance and repair.

Here is some information on only a few of the electrodes in our extensive range:


After its debut this electrode soon became the most popular alloy as this electrode, due to its great versatility, is a big problem solver. The extraordinary tensile strength of 900N/mm with its 20% elongation allows the welder to weld medium and high carbon steels as well as manganese and chrome nickel steels. Welding successfully truck chassis, axles, or springs not only gives your welder the opportunity to save big in down-time.


When it comes to welding cast-iron the Ultralloy-96 is the star for its versatility. Not only can you basically weld any type of cast-iron with Ultralloy-96, but also cast-iron to mild steel is successfully welded without cracking.


When total machinability is required, Ultralloy-990 is the undisputed leader. With its specially formulated flux-coating Ultralloy-990 may be welded at lowest possible amperage thus giving you full machinability without the hard zone at the inter-face.

For more information on other alloys Contact Us directly and talk to Carl, our knowledgeable MD with over 44 years of experience in the field of special welding!

Conveyor Belt Scrapers

Ultralloy’s Hoverdale brand of conveyor belt scrapers offers our clients unsurpassed conveyor belt cleaning performance. The unique Hoverdale Conveyor Belt Scraper is the world’s leading conveyor belt cleaner, ensuring perfectly clean conveyor belts, low maintenance, long blade-life, and class leading belt-friendliness. The range comprises the following conveyor belt scrapers:

Hoverdale-C Conveyor Belt Scraper

The worlds leading secondary scraper

With conventional conveyor belt cleaners the blades exist in a single line across the length of the belt, the result is that the central blade tips wear more than the outer ones because the bulk of carry-back material exists in the centre of the belt. This wear pattern results in a gap appearing in the centre of the blade allowing carry-back material through resulting in spillage along the length of the conveyor belt structure.

Hoverdale-C Conveyor Belt Cleaner

  • Saves you money
  • Prevents jamming of rollers and idlers
  •  Reduces spillage along the conveyor structure
  • The blade unit is a cartridge system designed for easy replacement
  • The system is belt-friendly and damage-free operation is assured
  • Outstanding performance on sticky materials due to the unique design and its ability to apply maximum pressure in the centre of the belt
  • Clog-free operation
  • Robust construction makes the ‘C’ type suitable for heavy duty, high speed conveying systems
  • A choice of blades.
  • All-in-all the Hoverdale-C offers you the best belt cleaning option available, with low maintenance, and unsurpassed cleaning performance!

Hoverdale-TOB Conveyor Belt Scraper

The Hoverdale-TOB Conveyor Belt Scraper offers unsurpassed cleaning for hard-to-get to places with a primary scraper. 

Hoverdale-V-Plough Conveyor Belt Scraper

Hoverdale-V-Plough Conveyor Belt Scraper ensures the insude of your belt remains squeaky clean!

Crusher Liners

The mining industry world-wide is crushing such a great variety of rock that the standard manganese casting and liner configurations offered by OEM manufacturers often are not good enough to produce sufficiently viable tonnage.

For over 12 years now, we at Ultralloy have offered the ULTRA+ quality of liners that, not only come to you with a modified casting composition, but often also a modified configuration that outlasts standard OEM liners.

The ULTRA+ quality significantly increases tonnage crushed per liner set and dramatically increases over-all productivity and less downtime! Saving you time and money!